I am a photography enthusiast who has done some professional work on a part-time basis, including work for the local press, some commercial work and a few weddings. I have studied photography and achieved qualifications and accreditations, but I'm still learning and still improving.
I believe I should concentrate on a more narrow subject range. Any subject a photographer chooses to make images of, I believe that he or she needs at least some knowledge of the subject as well as his or her photographic knowledge and experience. So there are some areas I haven't ventured into. Yet! I'm always torn between trying something new and further developing the subjects I'm best at.
This is not a commercial website, the sole purpose is simply to showcase my work. I have divided my content into broad portfolios by subject mater. There are some pictures that would sit equally well in portfolios other than that which they are in, but with a few possible exceptions I have tried not to duplicate images. I do try to keep my portfolios up to date. If I’m not working on one subject, I’m working on another!
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