In the period between the world wars with an emphasis swinging towards man-made rather than natural forms, architectural photography benefited from a period of Modernist sensibility. The Architects Journal stated it's opinion that "to no profession is a proper understanding of the whole creative and revelational scope of modern photography more important than our own. The Architect of the near future will neglect it at his peril". (Elwall, R. Building with Light). Photography, Architecture and the consumer culture were converging. With demand high for designer homes and high spec work spaces photography continues to be an important commodity in the architecture and design world to this day.
Architecture and Design is one of my favourite subjects to photograph. It is a broad subject area that I had taken a keen interest in prior to my recent HND qualification in Photography and one that has certainly been reinforced by my participation in the course.
 The brief for this part of my course was to produce an architecture and design project consisting of one large exterior image supported by four smaller images, and one large interior image supported by four smaller images.For my exterior images I choose to photograph Maghaberry Community Centre.  It’s clean geometric lines, blocks of colour, modern brick work, and the window arrangement of the main hall certainly make it an eye catching and interesting design. I produced a large print of the wide shot of the Centre during the blue hour and supported it with abstract detail shots.
Previously, as an exercise to build my design portfolio I had photographed the interior of Craigavon Borough Council chamber before renovation.
As the Council had now amalgamated to become Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, the chamber had been renovated and I thought it would be interesting to complete the project with photographs of the new chamber interior.
Some other Architectural work
The Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre
Domestic Interiors
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