Your Client Gallery

And How It Works

When you book your wedding photography with Lionel Mitchell Photography you get a free online private Client Gallery. This is where you can view your photographs, share them with friends or direct to social media, download files to your desktop or device, or order high quality prints or wall products. If you book your wedding photography with us this is also where you will choose the images you want to put in your Photo Storybook. Just mark them as Favourites, but more on this later.

Not only do our Client Galleries deliver all of these benefits, they are also highly customisable, both in appearance and in functionality. Direct access to your gallery is delivered straight to your email inbox together with your password. Clicking the View Gallery link in the email takes you straight to your online Gallery Cover Page. On clicking Open Gallery you will be asked for your email address and password. Then you are in.

Screenshot of Gallery Cover
Gallery Cover

Galleries and Albums

Depending on the shoot, your photographs might be spread across two or more albums, for example I might divide Wedding photography between Getting Ready, Church and Reception albums. If this is the case there will usually be an additional All Photos Album.

Screenshot showing albums within a gallery
Gallery Home Page

Share Your Client Gallery

If you would like to share your Client Gallery with friends or on social media you can do so here by using the share link on the top right of the screen. You can share the password in an accompanying comment or ask friends to message you for the password. This way you can limit your share by choosing who to give the password to. If you wish I can remove the password completely making your entire gallery public. Let me know if you want to do this. To be even more selective, just type or copy and paste the URL, that’s the web address up in the address bar of your web browser, into your favourite messaging app and share directly to friends and family.

Compare Photos Side by side

When you view your Album You will see some more icons at the top right of your screen. Here you can view photos side by side to compare. This can be useful, for example if you were thinking of purchasing a portrait or group photo to compare expressions. There is also a link here to allow you to view your album as a slideshow.

Screenshot showing action buttone
Inside your Gallery or Album

Buy a Package

What is a package? At the time of writing I have three packages that you can purchase. Two print packages and a Canvas and Print Package. I may add to this as time goes on. You are not restricted to my packages, you can also purchase a range of prints or wall products in various sizes and finishes.

Most of my wedding photography includes free access to digital files that you can download and take to your local high street photo printing shop. There are however occasions when free downloads are not included. Also, free downloads are usually restricted to the client, that is the bride and/or groom in the case of wedding photography. Often when the bride and groom’s family or friends want prints they will just ask the bride and groom for the digital files, and that’s alright. You’ve paid for them, you can to do this. But sometimes, people, even the bride and groom themselves just like the convenience of ordering direct from the gallery and having prints, etc., delivered to their door. Also, I wont go into the details here, but you will get a better quality print or wall product by ordering direct from your Gallery.


When you click on any image it opens it in Lightbox mode. Here you get a large image with a row of thumbnails below and an arrow left and right so you can scroll through your photos. A bit like the slideshow mode but you have more control. In Lightbox mode you will see some more icons below the photos. You can mark the current photo as a favourite, share it to social media or view it in black and white. The Buy Photo button, above and to the right of the main image adds the photo to your cart. You will be asked to choose a product, print size and finish. If you are in Gallery or Album view the Favourite, Purchase and Share buttons pop up when you hover your curser over any photo.

Screenshot showing Lightbox view
Lightbox Mode

Clicking on the photo again opens it in full screen. You can continue to scroll through your photos using the left and right keys on your keyboard.

Additional Privileges

As a Gallery owner you have some additional privileges. If this has been setup, when you login with your email address you will be asked for your Access Code. This is different to your Gallery Password and is usually a six figure number and I will have supplied this to you by email or message. With this login, you will be able to hide photos.

Hide Photos

Lets say you are a bride and you have just received your Wedding Gallery. There are a lot photos, but some of them are similar, perhaps different expressions, or different stages of walking down the aisle. You want to share your Gallery with friends and family, but you want to cut the numbers and choose which photos they get to see. Simply mark the ones you don’t want to share as hidden. You can still see them but no one else can.

Label Photos

I can setup predefined labels for you to add to photos of your choice. These are a means for you to communicate with me regarding individual photos. They do not appear when others view your gallery. Currently I add this labelling privilege on Wedding Galleries where a Photo Storybook has been requested. It provides a means for the couple to let me know which photos they would like to be a cover photo or full page spread and so on.

The use of this labelling privilege has no limits. I can add a range of labels to suit any task.

Screenshot showing admin privileges login

Client Gallery Settings

There are some other gallery settings that I can change if you wish;

  • You can have a Gallery Intro Message that pops up on the screen when a visitor logs on to your gallery
  • Sharing to social media can be turned off. (Default is on)
  • Black and White Filtering can be turned off. (Default is on)
  • Password Protect can be turned off.
  • The requirement for visitors to enter their email address can be turned off, but with this you would loose admin privileges as this is linked to your email address.
  • The option to purchase prints or products can be turned off.
  • The Gallery and Album cover photos can be changed.

Sample Client Gallery

Here is a small Sample Gallery that you can explore.

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