What Is Creative Wedding Photography?

Creative wedding photography could be described as “natural, relaxed, fun, modern, creative, documentary, photojournalistic, reportage, alternative, unconventional, boho, quirky….” The list goes on.

What defines a Photographer’s creative style?

As you trawl your way through wedding magazines and photographers websites trying to find your perfect photographer, just what should you be looking for? You might want something a little bit different, something natural, relaxed, fun, modern, creative, documentary, photojournalistic, reportage, alternative, unconventional, boho, quirky… There are many styles of creative wedding photography.

Your Stylized Wedding Theme

If you are having a themed wedding you will probably have a very clear idea of the style of wedding photography you want. It should be a perfect fit for your theme and you will know it as soon as you see it.

creative wedding photography using earth tones
The earthy tones in this image would be a good match for an outdoor, or barn style wedding for example.
forest couple portrait earth tones
coastal bride portrait creative edit
Using Teal and Orange cinematic colour grading brings out contrast and can lend drama to your wedding photos.
creative wedding photo edit teal & orange plus matt


Colour grading as a creative style of wedding photography should be matched to the environment of your wedding. Earth tones might be fantastic if you are getting married in an old stone church or a barn style venue. The Teal and Orange cinematic style might suit a seaside wedding either in the UK or in typically sunnier climes. It could also work well in a modern architectural environment. You might see some weddings shot entirely, or almost entirely in black and white.

Black and white edit.
High contrast creative black and white edit
Warm tones creative black and white edit

Black and White

Black and white is also a creative style of wedding photography. It is probably more common to see a Wedding Album with a number of photographs converted to black and white than it is an entire wedding presented in this style. A photo storybook page with a panel of black and white images, or one featured image in black and white can be very striking.

There are various styles of black and white photographs, from a standard conversion to high contrast edits, and warm or sepia toned images. They all have their place and sometimes it is just a matter of taste, or indeed a style choice to complement the nature of the wedding or the particular shot.

Black and white photography where the flowers, or the bride or someone or something is in colour is called colour popping. It was a style made possible by digital wedding photography and popular in the early digital days but less so now.

The Look and Feel of Creative Wedding Photography

Often wedding photography themes such as those discussed above are not in themselves creative wedding photography styles. The style is something else that must be combined with the theme. But it is not always necessary to add the theme. A good wedding photography style stands alone, without the necessity for stylized colour grading.

the couple exchanging wedding vows

I like to isolate my subject by throwing the background out of focus. Don’t get me wrong, backgrounds are important in lending context to a photograph, particularly portraits and particularly in wedding photography, but a nice soft background can still give that context whilst at the same time adding to the ambience of the occasion.

bride and groom exchange rings

It is a special moment in a wedding ceremony when the exchange of rings takes place. I like to get some nice close ups at that time, and if I can get a soft background with fantastic bokeh like this then I will be really happy!

candid photo of brides parents

I like to shoot through items in the foreground. It gives a lovely soft effect and again, adds to the ambience of the day.

candid protrait of flower girl

Aren’t kids just great at weddings. For them it can be overwhelming, fascinating, entertaining and exhausting all at the same time! I love to capture both candid and posed shots as the day progresses. Capturing their looks, expressions, moods, and all of the emotions that they let loose during the day.

Sometimes the best portraits are the ones caught between poses! But nice simple couple portraits are hard to beat.

bride portrait from above

I’m always on the lookout for an unusual angle.

groom and daughter hug following wedding seremony

And pure emotion!

The bride is embarrassed during speeches

Expressions are great. You can be sure this couple will remember what was being said at that moment!

These are a few examples that define my style of wedding photography. It is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s more about the look and feel of what I do. For me it’s about bringing more than just a documentary record of your day. It’s about bringing that, plus the moments. Moments that the Bride and Groom will certainly have missed. Emotional moments expressed by family and friends, the emotions between the couple, funny moments as secrets are revealed during speeches. All of these things that will bring back vivid memories of the Wedding Day.

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