Environmental Portrait Photography, Shoot 1

Kicking off my new Environmental Portrait Photography project with a shoot at Derek’s place. Derek is a model, actor, and all-round collector of lots of interesting memorabilia, gear, props, guitars, etc, etc. He tells me he also plays the guitar. Obviously a multi-talented guy!

So a big thank you to Derek for volunteering to be my first subject in what I hope will be, this extensive series of environmental portraits.

portrait with subject holding sward and with memorabilia in the background
portrait with subject seated on stairs and guitars in the background
portrait with subject standing at bottom of stairs. Music memorabilia in the background.

The Environment is Dark

These images are all quite dark. This is intentional. It is in a sense, how I see the overall context of the project. The images will be portraits first and environmental second. It is my intention that the subject dominates the image. It might not always be necessary to isolate the subject using light, or it’s absence. In Derek’s case I didn’t want the viewer’s eye to be distracted by the background, important though it is as the environmental element. A balance needs to be achieved.

Get Involved!

It would be great if I could get some more characters willing to get involved in this project. If you are interested or know somebody who might be, please comment below, or for more ways to get in touch see my Contact Page.

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