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Little bits and pieces of News and Information about Lionel Mitchell Photography that wouldn’t otherwise go in my Portfolio or other area of my website. You can ask a question by commenting below if you like.

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Client Gallery

At Lionel Mitchell Photography we deliver our photography in highly functional, professional digital image galleries. You can share, download and more directly from your Gallery.

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Wedding Photography and Coronavirus!

Thinking of booking wedding, portrait or event photography with me but worried about committing to a booking in these uncertain times due to the Coronavirus outbreak? Don’t worry. These are uncertain times that require some flexibility surrounding fees and deposits and that’s what I offer.

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Creative Style in Wedding Photography

What are couples looking for when shopping for a wedding photographer? Obviously packaging and pricing come into the equation but what is it they are looking for when they are browsing the images on a photographers website? Consciously or unconsciously it is the photographer’s style they are looking at. Here I have tried to put into words what it is that defines a photographer’s style and specifically what defines my style as a wedding photographer.

luxury traditional wedding album open pages

New Sample Wedding Album

The top of my range of wedding albums. One of the series of Matted Albums that combine traditional elegance with modern style and with a range of personalisation options.

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