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No Deposit Wedding Photography Booking

Want to book your Wedding Photography but still financially effected by the lockdown or worried about a second spike? I completely understand! There must be lots of Brides using time off during the lockdown to organise their weddings but finding that they are restricted due to the economic impact of the lockdown.

I have been thinking about this and wondering how I can help and here’s what I have come up with!

No Deposit Booking

Book your wedding photography with me and pay no deposit now. I will reserve your wedding date in my calendar and that, for now is it. Let’s call this a Reserved Booking. Pay your deposit and confirm your booking when the economic situation improves. You will then have a fully Confirmed Booking.

So what does this mean and what happens if somebody else comes along and wants the same date? – There are two possible scenarios.

  1. A client who has paid a deposit and has a confirmed booking with me, but has had to postpone their wedding, chooses a date that has been reserved for another couple who have not paid a deposit. Then the couple with the confirmed, deposit paid, postponed wedding would have priority.
  2. A new enquiry is received where the wedding is on the same date as a reserved booking (no deposit paid). I would contact the couple with the reserved booking immediately and advise them of the enquiry. They will then have the option of paying a deposit and will, therefore, have a confirmed booking. The new enquiry would then be declined by me as the date would not be available.

Low Deposit Booking

As an alternative to the No Deposit Booking, I am happy, whilst there are still economic effects of the Coronavirus situation, to accept a Low Deposit of £150. This would result in a Confirmed Booking for your Wedding Photography. You can top-up to the full deposit amount at a later date.

I hope this clear and simple to understand but if you do have any questions please ask! Comment below, use my Contact Form, email me at, send me an SMS on 07549409774, or ring me!

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