Linda & Stuart’s City Hall Wedding

I hope Linda doesn’t mind me saying so but when she first asked me to photograph her wedding she informed me that I would have my work cut out as they were “the most un-photogenic couple”. Well, firstly, what a terrible thing to say about Stuart! But on a more serious note, I disagreed at the time, and now I am sure that I have been proven right. I think they were both looking fantastic on their wedding day at the City Hall in Belfast and I think they both photographed very well.

I think people might be surprised at what a perfect wedding venue Belfast City Hall actually is. Certainly from a photographer’s point of view. On this occasion it was a rather cold October day outside with occasional showers and that, all to regular Northern Ireland grey sky. We could if we had had to, ventured outside for photographs, but with such great features inside and a really nice light streaming in through the various large windows, making the rather flat outside light magically come alive, there was no good reason to go out there!

It was a small, very personal wedding and Tracy and I both feel privileged to have been Linda and Stuart’s photographers that day. Thank you both.

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