Corinne & Robbie’s Engagement Photography

This is my niece, Corinne and her partner, Robbie. They got engaged a full year ago when Robbie popped the question during a romantic holiday on the sunshine island of Majorca. I can’t think of why we haven’t done their Engagement Photography sooner. I must be a very bad Uncle! So we found a break in the Northern Ireland weather and headed down to Gosford Forest Park, a location that is very special to both of them and spent a great couple of hours getting a bunch of shots. These are my favourites from the day. Congratulations to both of you on the first anniversary of your engagement.

Free Engagement Photoshoot

But what’s the catch I hear you ask! Well there are no catches really. Just a couple of reasonable conditions. Let me explain; I am happy to give you my time and my resources for nothing. It is true that I would hope that you will subsequently book your wedding photography with me. I don’t think that’s unreasonable, but it’s not a condition. Even if you decide not to book with me, you will still have a load of pictures to download from your own private online gallery with no strings attached. The only thing I would ask is that you don’t abuse my generosity and ask me to do an engagement shoot if you already have your wedding photographer booked!

The Shoot

Engagement or pre-wedding photography is usually a lifestyle kind of shoot. It’s probably going to be outdoors, possibly a park or somewhere scenic. But it doesn’t have to be that country park look. Think about somewhere that is special to both of you. For example if you are both big sports fans, could we get permission to do a shoot in your favourite team stadium? If you met at a bowling alley, or ice rink, we could ask for permission to shoot there. Again, as it’s a free shoot, it would be great if it was somewhere not too far for me to travel.

I Look Forward to Meeting You.

You can book your free engagement photography online. Just choose an available date and time, enter a few basic details and confirm your booking. Simple!

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