Gavin & Sophie’s Mussenden Temple Engagement

It was a year ago to the day. A romantic autumn afternoon at Mussenden Temple, that Gavin popped the question to Sophie. It was a pleasure and an honour to share that first anniversary of their engagement, revisiting the historic landmark set in the beautiful Downhill Demesne. The weather was a bit iffy on the lead up to our shoot but the forecast was promising that at least it wouldn’t rain. It turned out not too bad. Yes, it was still a bit overcast, but I love the drama that those clouds produced. And it did stay dry!

Earthy Brown Tones

I have stylised this gallery with earthy brown tones. I don’t usually stylise my images, but I think it suited the occasion here. The gallery lends itself to the autumnal feel of the shoot and works very well with the open landscape and historic surroundings. And it’s trendy! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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