Stacey and Paul’s Wedding

The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn

It was September in Northern Ireland, often thought of as the end of the summer, but a time of the year that can also surprise us with some great weather. Boy did Stacey and Paul get a glorious September day for their Old Inn Wedding! The sun beamed from a cloudless blue sky as Stacey’s Mum, the Flower Girls and Wedding Party waited, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the wedding car carrying Stacey and her brother. This Bride didn’t keep us waiting long as the car soon rolled up and we were off.

Stacey could barely contain her emotions as she entered the Old Inn’s impressive French Georgian Gallery where the ceremony was to be conducted. The Groom was positively beaming as he watched her make her way to his side and where the two were joined by their little daughter. The room was filled with natural light from the adjacent gardens as the celebrant led the proceedings. Tracy and I captured every detail and emotion as vows and rings were exchanged. Stacey and Paul continued to symbolise their unity, and togetherness of their young family by the tying of a handfasting knot and blending of sands.

Following the ceremony, full advantage was taken of the glorious weather as celebrations moved out to the Champagne Terrace and beautifully manicured gardens. The happy couple and their families and guests basked in the late summer sunshine as we got some lovely Bride and Groom portraits and family group shots.

Massive thanks to Stacey and Paul and Stacey’s Mum Janette for booking Tracy and I to photograph their Old Inn Wedding, and all of our best wishes to Stacey and Paul and their young daughter for your future together.

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