Corporate Headshot Photography

Headshots and environmental business portraits for your online presence and printed media.

As a business professional, you know the importance of a great first impression. As a professional Headshot Photographer, I will give you that great image.

“Excellent service, very patient and understanding with us, highly recommend. Photos turned out perfectly.”

thanks Boyd. It was a pleasure. I had a great day and I’m glad you are happy with the results.
corporate headshot portrait of business man

I like to make it as easy as possible for you. If it is just yourself or a small group you can come to my studio in Lisburn. If it is your entire workforce I can come to your premises and set up a mobile studio with a background in white, black or a colour to complement your corporate identity. It’s also quite possible and can be very effective, to use your corporate environment as a blurred background.

Corporate Headshot Sessions

Book a half-day or a full day Corporate Headshot session and if there is time left over I will shoot some environment portraiture as well!

Individual Headshot Sessions

If you just need your own headshot done, or if there is a small group, and you would like to come to me, my studio is in Lisburn. I also have access to a Belfast studio. It’s not far from the city centre and parking is available.

Actor and Model Headshots

As an actor, performer or model you know that your first impression is a crucial part of your overall package. It’s the cornerstone of your marketing materials. It’s what will get you in the room or on the agent’s books. Your investment in professional Headshot Photography will be a wise one. Your headshot puts a face to your personal brand. Make sure it is one that not only looks like you, but gives casting directors as much information as possible about you. It can say things about you in an instant that would take much longer in words. The age you look, where your appearance puts you on the social/economic scale (upscale, middle class, blue-collar, etc.). Where you are on the attractive scale (despite what your mother tells you!), your apparent role in society (mum, educated professional, victim, etc.). And various aspects of your innate personality (sweet, friendly, gruff, powerful, etc.). Don’t leave it to chance!

art student headshot
One person
Half hour session
Private gallery
3 Free Headshot downloads included
Lisburn studio, your home or your workplace
Up to 5 people
2 hour session
Private gallery/person
3 Free Headshot downloads per person
Lisburn or Belfast studio or your business
½ Day Corp.
Up to 30 people
Half Day
Company gallery
3 Headshots per person included
Your business or other premises
Up to 60 people
Full Day
Company gallery
3 Headshots per person included
Your business or other premises

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