Letitia & Paul

Everglades Hotel Wedding

The Everglades Hotel, Prehen

Letitia and Paul’s special, Christmas wedding with family and friends at the Everglades Hotel, Prehen. The romance was tangible. These two are obviously completely obsessed with each other. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

family group
The groom looks on during signing of the registrary
hand fasting wedding ritual
the bride's mother becomes emotional as the wedding ceremony porgresses
candid bride portrait as she greets guests by the Christmas tree
full length groom portrait at everglades hotel
a large family wedding group portrait
close up bride and groom portrait
the bride and groom face each other as their vows are taken
bride and groom portrait at the grand piano
bride portrait by window light
a candid portrait of the bride during the wedding ceremony
a groom portrait with bookshelves in the background
a bit of craic for this group portrait
The bride as she meets her groom at the end of the aisle
hand fasting is completed at this Christmas wedding
full length bride portrait by piano
The bridal party at this christmas wedding
bride and groom Christmas wedding portrait
an informal Christmas wedding group portrait
Christmas Wedding 3


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