Outdoor Weddings in Northern Ireland

The 8th of June 2020 sees the resumption of Weddings in Northern Ireland. Outdoor Weddings with 10 people present may be allowed from that date.

outdoor weddings in northern ireland
“Tying The Knot In Lockdown”
As reported by the BBC on 29 May 2020

So what exactly does this mean for couples in Northern Ireland? It’s probably fairly clear, and somewhat of a relief for couples with weddings booked, let’s say between 8 June and 30 June, just for argument’s sake, that if you are happy to go ahead outdoors with 8 guests or less, your wedding is probably very much on. When I say 8 guests, I’m counting the Bride and Groom as two of that ten person limit. But maybe it’s 10 guests, I don’t know.

What Next?

But what if your wedding is planned for July or August? Do you get stuck in and start changing your arrangements to suit the 10 people and outdoors restrictions, (or “relaxation of restrictions”)? So what if on, say 30 June there is a further relaxation of restrictions and they then say something different, like outdoors and 50 people maximum but from no more than 10 households. Just a hypothetical example. Basically what happens when the goal posts move again? Because you can be sure they will. Not that I’m complaining! I can’t wait to see things back to relative normality, but with safety for all. I’m just thinking ahead and thinking of the position couples and venues are being placed in here. It’s still going to be very difficult to make plans.

I also note the tactical use of the word “may” in this release. I’m sure we all know what this means; they can change their mind and remove this relaxation! I sincerely hope that there is no change of mind, not least because a change of mind is only likely to come about if the Coronavirus situation worsens, and none of us want that. But it’s very presence there is not going to do anything for Bride and Groom stress levels!

Hoping For The Best

Lets just hope for everybody’s sake, not least those considered vulnerable, front line NHS staff and other key workers, that the situation continues to improve. That couples can get on with planning their weddings with increasing degrees of certainty as time goes on, and that we can all look forward to the new normal, what ever that may be.

Wedding Suppliers

Let’s also hope that Wedding Suppliers can work with couples in these uncertain times. It is difficult for us all and many business’ are struggling, but the over-riding consideration must be that couples should not be disadvantaged by any changes in restrictions.

Have a look at my previous News Items, Wedding Photography and the Coronavirus and No Deposit Wedding Photography Booking. In these items I talk about some of the ways I am trying to help couples through this situation but I am also more than happy to discuss any difficulties that couples may be facing in relation to booking a wedding photographer. Give me a call on 07549409774 or use my contact form.