Wedding Photography Costs

How much does wedding photography cost? Depending on your photography expectations and needs, prices for wedding photography can range anywhere from £400 to around £2000, but there are many factors that may influence that cost. You’ve heard the saying “the photos don’t do it justice” but a highly skilled photographer will do your wedding justice. Wedding photography requires more than Uncle Harry’s good camera, it needs professional expertise in order to capture the true essence of your wedding day.

For such a special day of celebrations, your wedding deserves to be expertly recorded, capturing every detail that made your wedding day special. Wedding photography forever encapsulates the emotions expressed by you and your loved ones and you can relax knowing that someone is creating tangible memories that you’ll be able to look back on.

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Factors influencing the cost of wedding photography

Compared to other wedding expenditures like entertainment, venue, etc, wedding photography is one cost that will offer a lifetime return on investment. All of those important personal touches of your wedding design, from table centrepieces to custom made bouquets, will also be captured and forever remembered. Apart from the wedding rings, and possibly the wedding dress, it’s the only other lasting element of the wedding expenditure.

Wedding costs can vary considerably, but it really depends on your photography expectations and needs. Some factors that may influence the cost of your wedding photography include:

Hours of Coverage

Your wedding will be a nonstop day of celebrations. From getting dressed, to the ceremony itself and then evening receptions, there is a lot to celebrate and lots of opportunities for great photos to be taken. The hours of wedding photography coverage can range anywhere from 4 hours up to 10 hours, and this has an obvious impact on price. 

Most wedding photographers offer their services primarily for the main ceremony, this is usually worth up to 4 hours of coverage. These can include shots of you both at the altar, first look, signing your wedding certificate together and leaving the wedding venue e.g.) leaving the church or city hall. With 4 hours of coverage you can also usually get some couple, wedding party and family portraits included, as well as the classic slicing the cake event. 

You can also arrange for your wedding photographer to capture images of the getting dressed process. This offers great opportunities for shots like the Groom’s father fixing his son’s tie or the bride being helped into her dress. Some weddings also choose to document the evening receptions which again offers some really nice shots of the first dance, special speeches and people letting their hair down. Again though, this will add more hours of coverage and increase the overall costs of the wedding photography.  

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Photographers Time

Another cost that is factored into the wedding photography price point, is the photographer’s time. It’s not just the hours of coverage that you’re paying for, you’re also paying for the time spent at the pre-consultation meeting and especially the time spent on the post-editing process.

The editing process takes a considerably longer time than shooting the wedding event itself. Editing requires hours of patience, skill, and perfection in order to design bespoke images that highlight the photographer’s craftsmanship. It usually takes a couple of weeks, maybe months to receive your wedding photos, because it’s such a complex and time devoting process.

Photography Equipment

Another factor that influences the cost of wedding photography is the cost of equipment that the photographers initially have to purchase. In order to provide high quality images, photographers must invest in top of the range cameras, add-on pieces of equipment, lighting tools, high spec computers, and costly editing software subscriptions.

All of these are high purchase expenses and these costs need to be offset in the price of wedding photography in order for wedding photographers to make a reasonable profit and return on investment.

Number of Photographers

Some weddings are large scale events and host many guests in a large venue. These types of weddings may require more than one photographer to truly capture the size and grandeur of the wedding.

Of course, hiring more than one photographer will significantly increase the costs of wedding photography, but if you do have lots of guests, it may be a worthwhile investment in order to capture everyone who attended your special event.


The location of your wedding will have an effect on costs to the photographer, but they will most likely factor this in before giving you a quote for their photography services. Photographers also have to consider traveling with their large and bulky equipment, so public transport is not a cost effective option for them.

If your photographer is based far away from the wedding venue, you can expect a further increase for their services. It may be worthwhile considering a local photographer that’s close to your venue if you want to keep costs down.

Photo Albums or Storybooks

Most wedding photographers provide a digital gallery for your final wedding photos, and some opt to get them printed into wedding albums or wedding storybooks. The price of adding these on can cost extra, depending on the size and formatting.

There is nothing like flicking through old photo albums and recalling fond memories. Some couples value the investment and appreciate having these physical prints that are long lasting tangible memories of such a special day.


Wedding photographers transform ordinary photos into images that highlight the emotion and energy of your wedding. You’re paying for a high quality skill set, experience and expertise.

Check out the importance of editing for wedding photography in this short video.

It’s definitely worth trying to work a photographer into your wedding budget. There are many different wedding photography packages available, suitable for a wide range of weddings in all sizes.

Wedding photography is a luxurious service, but so worth it for remembering such a special day. Wedding photographers ensure all of your special moments are caught so that you can enjoy your special day, then reflect and absorb the amazing experience retrospectively.

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