Wedding photography styles

An important part of selecting a wedding photographer is choosing one that specialises in the style that you want. There are many different genres of wedding photography, so it’s important to know which wedding photography style you’re seeking. Do you want images that capture classic wedding poses or do you want candid images that capture the raw emotion displayed on your special day?

First, you need to research different wedding photography styles and find one that you can imagine capturing the spirit of your wedding. Consider the lighting, location, guests and venue etc, which wedding photography style best represents your wedding and commitment to one another?

Luckily, we’ve put a guide together, explaining some of the different wedding photography styles available.

Boho Style Wedding Photography


bride and groom earthy boho style

Boho is a trendy theme for weddings, think flower headbands, flowy dresses and peaceful settings, it embodies a sense of earthliness and connection to nature. The boho wedding style incorporates rustic accents, charming details and vintage design, a skilled Boho photographer will know how to make these elements complement each other, in an eclectic style.

Boho photographers use moody angles, dark tones and muted colours to produce images that best represent the free-spirited aesthetic wedding, it’s a very particular style and an increasingly popular theme. This style suits those seeking an intimate, niche and quaint style of wedding photography.

Fine Art Wedding Photography


fine art wedding photography

Fine art wedding photography is just that – fine art. The photographer embodies details of artistic design into the images, creating depictions of art that are highly stylised, opposed to candid images like those in documentary style photography.

Fine art wedding photography also relies heavily upon location and uses that within the storytelling narrative. Photographers often position the wedding couple as art subjects, capturing the emotion and depicting a tale of grand romance.

Fine art photographers are experts in unique compositions, different perspectives and clever angles, they put immense effort and planning into these photoshoots. Some fine art styles produce images with lots of subject movement which, to the wrong client, might just look like blurred images.

Whilst fine art is its own genre of wedding photography, there are many different styles that fall within that umbrella term. It’s important to research what style of fine art your wedding photographers specialises in. This type of photography suits those seeking free design, creativity and emotion in their wedding albums.

Classic Wedding photography


classic bride and groom portrait

Classic wedding style photography has stood the test of time, it’s called classic for a reason. This style of photography uses a lot of traditional wedding poses and family portrait style,  producing endearing images that reflect a real sense of the day. This style of wedding photography has a timeless stamp of approval, they persevere throughout the years and never go out of style.

A classic wedding style photographer will give a lot of direction in order to achieve these high quality images. They are typically shot at eye level and there is a lot of posing involved, which is all part of the fun! This style of photography is best suited for those seeking simple, classic and timeless wedding photos.

Black and White Wedding Photography


black and white groom portrait

Many couples opt for black and white style photography for its aesthetically pleasing appeal. Black and white images draw attention to the subject and remove any distraction of colour. This is particularly beautiful for wedding photos as it highlights the couple’s intimacy, and often looks great juxtaposing the bride’s gown against the groom’s black suit. A skilled wedding photographer will know which images will look best converted into a monochrome style.

Documentary Style Wedding Photography


documentary or photojournalisic style wedding photography

Documentary style wedding photography produces heartfelt, warm and natural images. The photographer will let the wedding’s events unfold naturally and snap away unnoticeably, capturing images of real expression and raw emotion of the day.

This style of photography requires the photographer to be crafty in taking shots, they have to capture the moment before it disappears. The result of this photography style produces some fantastic images, often depicting genuine interactions and moments of pure happiness. This type of wedding photography suits those seeking an effortless and natural style.

Aerial Style Wedding Photography


areial photography of large wedding group

Aerial style photos are a great way of capturing your whole wedding party. Of course you won’t want every photo to be done with aerial photography, but it does offer the opportunity for capturing some really visually impressive images.

Aerial images can be created with using equipment like drones or with just really high angled shots. They can also incorporate stunning landscapes and depict amazing wedding venues and locations. This style of wedding photography is quite unique and you can have a lot of fun with creating the images. 


Your wedding photos will become treasured assets that represent one of the most special days in your life, so it’s really important that you like them! But with so many options it can become quite hard to choose, you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a style of wedding photography.

Each wedding photographer will have a different style, skill set and approach to wedding photography, so make sure that your expectations are clearly discussed beforehand. Look at the different photographer’s previous work and imagine yourself and your wedding party in those photos, would you be happy with the result?

The best advice we can offer is to make sure that you are selecting a photography style that best suits your wedding and photo desires. Weddings are a unique celebration of love and unity, so make sure that you choose a wedding photography style that will best capture your special day. Still struggling to choose your wedding style? This short video has some tips for you.

At Mitchell Wright Photography our style is Classic and Documentary. That doesn’t mean that we are not always on the lookout for a great fine art bridal portrait, or that we can’t adopt a Boho or other style where the look and feel of a wedding dictates.

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