Wedding Photography

These terms and conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and also those of Mitchell Wright Photography. Any reference to “we”, “us” or “their” means Mitchell Wright Photography and any reference to “the photographer” may mean Lionel Mitchell, Tracy Wright or any photographer employed by them as a second photographer. References to “you” or “Bride”, or “Groom” means the clients named in the contract. The term “contract” means this contract, signed by us and the client and incorporates these terms and conditions.

  1. We agree to supply to you wedding photography services in accordance with the Contract. No variation shall apply unless agreed in writing and signed by both parties.
  2. You must ensure that any representation or promise on which you rely and which is important to you is written in the contract and signed by both parties.
  3. The photographer will endeavor to accommodate any reasonable requests made by you, but due to the rapid pace and unpredictable nature of wedding photography, it is impossible to guarantee that all specific requested photographs will be captured.
  4. The photographer will document the events in a candid manner and take formal portraits as reasonably required.
  5. A booking fee of £250 is payable on signing the contract. This will be set against the total fees payable by you.
  6. The balance of the fees must be paid at least 14 days prior to the date of the wedding. If the balance of the fees is not paid by that date, we reserve the right not to provide any services until payment is made or to treat the contract as being canceled by you. The provisions of clause 17 will then apply.
  7. Agreed fees include the time and expense of the photographer, including traveling to and from the agreed locations up to a limit of 60 miles in total for the day, thereafter clause 8 will apply. Payment for any photographs or other items subsequently ordered, additional to the agreed package must be made at the time of ordering.
  8. For attendance at venues where the total traveling distance exceeds 60 miles, travel costs at the rate of £1.00 per mile may be charged where appropriate. Where the wedding and/or ceremony require an overnight or longer stay, then modest hotel and subsistence charges will be made.
  9. Mitchell Wright Photography is to be the sole and exclusive professional photographer. It is understood that wedding guests will of course take photos of the Bride and Groom, however, the photographer must be given precedence over your guests in order to take the wedding photographs required. Lionel Mitchell Photography cannot be held responsible for a lack of wedding photographs or photographs not meeting other expectations if guests taking their own photos of the Bride and Groom have interrupted the photographer’s work.
  10. Lionel Mitchell Photography will be the primary photographer who will provide the wedding photography services. A second photographer or a videographer may attend, but only where agreed as part of this contract.
  11. We will hold a pre-event consultation with you approximately 14 days before the wedding in order to finalise schedules and general and specific photographic requirements. This may be in person, by telephone, or by video conference call. You should be aware however that photographers are sometimes limited by rules imposed by registrars, ministers, and venue management as to what can and cannot be done. For example, some ministers insist that photographers can only shoot from specific locations. Weather and lighting conditions may also become constraining factors. In such circumstances, you agree to accept the technical limitations that may be imposed and grant the photographer full and unfettered artistic license in relation to the content of the photographs, their arrangement, composition, location, and the number of photographs taken. All decisions made will be in the best interest of the client who will be given the highest quality selection from the photographs taken.
  12. We will supply you with proofs in the agreed format, (under normal circumstances an online gallery of images), in accordance with the package ordered by you, as soon as is reasonably practicable after the wedding. Precise timing cannot be guaranteed, but this will usually be within 21 days.
  13. If a Photo Storybook or other form of wedding album is included within your chosen package, or subsequently ordered, this will be designed once you have selected your preferred images, or have passed over the right to the photographer to select the images. The Bride and Groom will then be required to approve a draft of the design and only once this has been agreed upon will the album be sent to print. Printing can take up to 4 weeks, but as this is outsourced, Mitchell Wright Photography cannot be held responsible for any delay.
  14. Copyright of the photographs supplied under this contract or provided subsequent to it remains with Mitchell Wright Photography. The Bride and Groom are granted permission to make copies of the photographs for personal use by them, their friends, and their relatives only. Selling, publication, or any commercial use of the photographs, or passing the photographs on to any third party such as suppliers for use for example, for marketing or advertising is not allowed without prior written permission from Mitchell Wright Photography.
  15. Unless expressly stated in writing by you, Lionel Mitchell and/or Tracy Wright may use or display any photographs created as part of this contract in his portfolio, at exhibitions or competitions or for marketing purposes for Mitchell Wright Photography.
  16. In the unlikely event that we are unable to attend for reasons beyond our control (e.g., death, injury, or illness) we will use our best endeavors to arrange a suitable replacement. If this is not possible, or if you decline the replacement, the contract will be canceled but our liability to you will be limited to a refund of the balance of fees paid by you.
  17. You may cancel the contract at any time by notice in writing but the deposit will be forfeited.
  18. If the date of the wedding is changed, Mitchell Wright Photography may at their discretion, which they will exercise reasonably, having regard to their ability to obtain alternative work on the first agreed date, and availability on the changed date, agree not to treat the contract as being canceled but to provide the services on the changed date and apply all monies paid by you towards the fees for that day.

Printed Media

A number of printed media items are available to purchase online from mitchellwrightphotography.com. These include photographic prints, canvases, and block prints. The online ordering process is handled through a partner service provider, Shootproof.com. Fulfillment of these orders is provided, at the sole discretion of Mitchell Wright Photography, by a small range of partner labs and photographic print service providers.

  1. Every endeavor will be made to ensure that all printed media products live up to client expectations. Should however any problem arise contact should be made with info@lionelmitchell.com and we will work with the relevant service provider to get the problem solved.
  2. On each individual order page, you can view the order’s status and details about the date and time it was sent to the service provider for printing, the address it’s being delivered to, and the date of shipment, if applicable. (Local orders may be delivered in person)
  3. it is not possible to change or cancel your printed product orders once they have been approved by Mitchell Wright Photography and sent to be printed.